Ralf´s Solo Cello Lounge

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Recent solo recordings by Ralf Werner - cello & loops & arrangements

Listen to some experimental tracks // work in progress, to be continued.

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Part #1) Own Compositions:

1. Heels 5:195:19 Rec 02-2021

2. Amsel Osterfelder [Remix] 4:084:08 Rec 05-2020

3. To those who were before [First Edit] 4:294:29 Rec 12-2020


Part #2) Famous Melodies:

4. Theme from Claire de lune (C. Debussy) [Remix] 3:463:46 Rec 02-2021

5. Cello alone: Moonlight Serenade [First Edit] (Glenn Miller) - dedicated to my father Günter Werner 1924-2007 3:563:56 2nd Rec 02-2023

6. Spanish Eyes [Ironical Summer edit] (E. Humperdinck) - dedicated to my mother Elisabeth Werner 1933-2016 6:336:33 Rec 06-2021

7. Cello alone: Blackbird (Lennon Mc Carthney) 2.242.24 Rec10-2021

8. German TV Crime Melody, dedicated to my wife Maria: Cello Theme from K3 (Ed T. Harris) - acoustic version 4:154:15 Rec 01-2022

9. German TV Crime Melody, dedicated to my wife Maria: Cello Theme from K3 (Ed T. Harris) - electric Wallander version 5:005:00 Rec 01-2022

10. He ain´t heavy he´s my brother (The Hollies) - dedicated to my wife Maria and her brother r.i.p. 5:235:23 Rec 01-2022

11. Hallo, kleines Fräulein (Fred Oldörp) - Little Swing House Version, dedicated to Hein Peter r.i.p. (1938-2022) 3:503:50 Rec 02-2023

All tunes are recorded and mixed with Ableton Live on Pro Audio Notebook by Digital AudionetworX.
Both excellent companies of audio software and audio hardware are located in Berlin/Germany.


Ralf Werner // Cello & Loops & Electronics

Born 1959 in Weimar (former GDR), Ralf raised up in Cologne, Germany.
Ralf studied teacher for music and fine arts.
He worked as composer and cello player in theatre groups and in different bands from fusion jazz to world music.
In 1995 he formed DIE KULTURTECHNIKER together with actor Martin M. Hahnemann. Up to now they were producing electronic concert readings based on german and international literature. They played countless concerts in Germany, BeNeLux, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Serbia, Romania as well as Ethiopia and the United States, often based on cooperations with Goethe Institute, Heinrich Boell Foundatiton and Robert Bosch Foundation. They also worked at universities in Szeged and Sofia.
2011 he formed Cello Chill Sounds, followed by Loop Dreams since 2015 - both bands playing lounge grooves and soundscapes based on sound loops.
Ralf was resident in Addis Abeba / Ethiopia 2015-2017. Here he was working at German Embassy School and with his local group Addis Chill Sounds.
2019-2020 he organized the cooperation of DIE KULTURTECHNIKER and Poetic Elektric from Kosice/Slovakia.
He created and produced the Wuppertal Concert Series Euro African Lounge (2018/2019) and Middle of Nowhere (2021).

See also www.kulturtechniker.net and KULTURTECHNIKER-YouTube-Channel..

Ralf Werner // Osterfelder Str. 7 // D-42103 Wuppertal // phone +49(0)170-8466769 // email kulturtec@t-online.de

Pics by Frank Albrecht
- live in Bauhaus Dessau 05 Sep 2020
Listen also to "Endstation" 10:03 min.
(Click the pic for the mp3-file.)

This Audio work was produced in 1997 and is based on electronically modified and looped field recordings.
The ambient piece covers a train journey from a big city (Hamburg) to a small village in the countryside (Kalbe an der Milde/Sachsen-Anhalt).
It was awarded with "Prix Acustica for short audio works" by the German art radio station WDR3.