Listen to full EBC Radio Concert
Ralf Werner: Cello & Loops & Compositions
Meskerem Alemayehu: Vocals
Addis Geira: Vocals
Beniam Birhanu: Guitar
Dessalego Alemu: Special Drums

Addis Chill Sounds - Short Live Music samples recorded 2016/2017 in different locations in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia

Guaraginya / Great Ethiopian run
Addis - voc / Desu - dr / Beniam - git / Ralf - cello & loops MP3 4,4MBMP3 4,4MB
Lem Lem remix
Addis - voc / Abiy Woldemariam - keyb / Ralf - cello & loops MP3 3,4MBMP3 3,4MB
Ambassel (original version)
Meskerem - voc / Desu - dr / Beniam - git / Ralf - cello & loops MP3 4,4MBMP3 4,4MB
Yekeramo sew (Comp.: Mulatu Astatke)
Meskerem - voc / Desu - dr / Beniam - git / Ralf - cello & loops MP3 2,2MBMP3 2,2MB
Desu - dr & voc / Beniam - git / Ralf - cello & loops MP3 3MBMP3 3MB

- Listen to full Live album 2016/2017 #1 (with Meskerem)

- Listen to full Live album 2016/2017 #2 (with Addis)

This unique and innovative band project combines some of the most outstanding electro-acoustic musicians in Addis Ababa. Ralf Werner, the german jazz cellist, electronic musician and sound composer appears with outstanding young Soloists from Addis:
- Meskerem, one of the most lovely singers from Addis, she is well known from TV "Ethiopian Idol" and is writing also own lyrics.
- Beniam, THE one young Addis´guitar talent between Jazz and Rock, playing in Hiltonü´s Band and for several CD-recordings. - Desu, the drummer with the best drummer´s voice in Addis, also part of Hilton Band.
Ralf´s exotic groove music carries Pop & Ethio remixes as well as Jazz standards and chilling Ethiopian, European and American original sounds. Ralf´s latest compositions and Ethio-Jazz-remixes includes recent sounds from Addis and other parts of Ethiopia: the noises of streets and markets, rain and thunder and of course the people and animals of the city. Addis Chill Sounds also performed with the Ethio-Swedish poet and painter Ermias Ekube and prepares a program with Ethiopian dance soloists.

From February to April our singer Meskerem was substituted by the young, beautiful and brave singer Addis. See here here in Concert in Capital Hotel / Addis Abeba, 24.02.2017 // Foto by Martin M. Hahnemann.
Addis Chill sounds with Ralf, Addis, Desu and Biniam during Friday Jazz Lounge in golden Tulip Hotel / Addis abeba 28.04.2017 // Foto by Sabine Schulz.

- The well known Addis´ Jazz guitarists Girum Gizaw, bandleader in Gijon Hotel and Bole Rock plus "Zacky" Getahun, who is now member of Samuel Yirgas' "Project One".
- Kaethe Hohstetter, the Addis´based American violin player who is using colourfull electronical effects for her improvisations.
- Selamavit Aragaw, violin teacher at YARED University who adds a specific ethiopian touch to the music.
- Chelina, THE Addis RnB-voice, known as singer in different bands from Bass master Hennock Temesgen.
Ralf, Chelina, Beniam & Basti Sat 13 Feb 2016 at LeLa Gallery / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Ralf & Girum Sun 6 Mar 2016 at Café Claypot / AA, ET.

Ralf & Kaethe at the opening of the exhiibiton of Ato Klaus, Tue 6 October 2015 at Alliance Francaise / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Glimpse of Time”, with Ralf & painter-poet Ermias Ekube & Selamavit, Sun 4 October 2015 at LeLa Gallery / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Ralf & Zacky at the Open Day of the Ethio-Suiss Wheelchair Project ADDIS GUZO, Sat 12 December 2015 / Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Soundsamples - recorded 2015 in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia in Alliance Francaise (Oct 6), Restaurant La Mandoline (Oct 23) & Adddis Guzo (Dec 12):

LemLem (Ethiopian NewYearSong, arr. Werner) Ralf - Cello&Loops w/ Kaethe - Violin MP3 2MBMP3 2MB

Fentica (Ethiopian Tradionals, arr. Werner) Ralf - Cello&Loops w/ Selamavit - Violin MP3 1,5MBMP3 1,5MB

Beach Party (Werner) Ralf - Cello&Loops w/ Zackarias - Guitar & Selamavit - Violin MP3 3MBMP3 3MB

Asenovets (Werner) Ralf - Cello&Loops w/ Kaethe - Violin MP3 4,5MBMP3 4,5MB