Electronic Concert Readings - Electronic Music Theatre

Ralf Werner
cello & sampler & live electronics
Martin M. Hahnemann
acting & recitation
(& Raul Sengupta
tabla & percussion)

Basic Informations
DIE KULTURTECHNIKER started in 1995 with their new form of music & word performances, the so called Electronic Concert Readings, which can be placed somewhere between a concert, a live-radio-play and musical theatre.
Both voice and violoncello are amplified and electronically modified. Samples and pre-recorded environmental sounds are added to their live-performance.
The sound of compositions and improvisations ranges from chamber music to new jazz.

Their main focus is on texts by the nobel-prize winner of 1972, Heinrich Böll. Actually 4 of their shows are based on his works.
Beside that DIE KULTURTECHNIKER also produced programms based on novels by Edgar Allan Poe ("The fall of the house of Usher"), Stanislaw Lem (the satirical science fiction story "Aldebaran attacks"), Jorge Semprun ("The liberation of Concentration Camp Buchenwald in April 1945") a.o.

DIE KULTURTECHNIKER are constantly on the road and play a minimum of 50 gigs per year.
They cooperate with Deutsche Bahn AG (German railway company), with the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation and the Goethe-Institute (German institution for cultural exchange with foreign countries).

Beside their numerous guest performances in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland they recently started more international activities.
So in autumn 2000 they played Iceland, the USA, Belgium and Luxembourg, followed by Slovakia, Hungary and Austria in spring 2001.

See the stage production!
Sunken City - Böll, Cologne and the Cathedral

Ralf Werner
cello & sampler & live electronics
Martin M. Hahnemann
acting & recitation

Martin M. Hahnemann
acting & recitation & pocket trumpet
*1966 in Germersheim/Germany. Drama school in Bern/Switzerland, classes with John Custopoulos. Since 1992 engagements at different public theater companies (Wilhelmshaven and Hildesheim/Germany, Bern/Switzerland),
off theater companies (Cologne/Germany and Basel/Switzerland) and several summer festivals (Ettlingen and Bad Gandersheim/Germany). Appearances in movies, radio plays and crossover performances.

Ralf Werner
cello & sampler & live electronics
*1959 in Weimar/Germany, former GDR). Graduated teacher for music and fine arts at the university of Duisburg/Germany.
Since 1980 cello player and composer in New Jazz and theater music. Engagements at different public theater companies (Bonn, Bochum, Oberhausen/Germany a.o.) and off theater companies (Cologne and Freiburg/Germany). Appearances in Denmark, Iceland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Italy a.o. (awards for theatre music in Rome/Italy 1994 and in Germany 1997 and 1998).
New Jazz concerts with Lee Konitz, Anthony Braxton a.o.m.
Radio plays and sound collages (award from WDR, the west German Radio Network 1997).
Sound sculptures in museums and public places (i.e. Reykjavik/Iceland and Cologne/Germany 1999)