Electronic concert reading for: jazz-trio, actor, and electronic soundscapes consisting of urban sketches prior to and after the 11th of September, 2001.
Based upon writings by: Heiner Müller, Paul Auster, Ralf Thenior, Martin M. Hahnemann, Langston Hughes and Ulrich Peltzer
Compositions: Ralf Werner
Ralf Werner
cello & sampler & live electronics
Raul Sengupta
tabla & percussion
Martin M. Hahnemann
acting & recitation
Susanne Karow
Peter Bachmann
alto & soprano saxes & flute
Dirk Groenewold
video projection

New York oder das eiserne Gesicht der Freiheit (Heiner Müller)
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Bryant Park (Ulrich Peltzer)
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This DIE KULTURTECHNIKER's performance will inevitably result in the audience's immersion in the acoustic jungle of the metropoles.
The texts of authors such as Heiner Müller ? whose writings reflect his particular relationship to and general ambivalence towards New York and Berlin ?, Paul Auster's New-York-trilogy, German poet-traveler Ralf Thenior, and others absorb the spirit and seething pulsations of these urban conglomerates. Ulrich Peltzer depicts the images of September 11th from the perspective of watching the events on TV in Berlin.

These literary sketches are embedded in a congenial soundscape merged of Ethnic Funk (compositions: Ralf Werner), electronics, and the sounds of both cities recorded on the spot. The production, the all-over duration of which is ca. 80 minutes, feeds upon the tension between music theater and a live radio play.

In collaboration with director Sabine Bahnsen (of the Burghofbühne, Dinslaken, Germany), often bizarre interludes by Afro-German dancer Susanne Karow and video artist Dirk Groenewold's visual sequences finally enhance the show.

DIE KULTURTECHNIKER have been engaging themselves in setting world literature to music for the past seven years. They have been touring the USA, Iceland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Slowakia and Hungary for the German Goethe-Institut.


Martin M. Hahnemann acting & recital
Ralf Werner cello & sampler & live electronics
Susanne Karow dance
Dirk Groenewold video projection
Raul Sengupta tabla & percussion
Peter Bachmann alto & soprano saxes, flute